Goal Setting.

October 1, 2008

Our ideals resemble the stars, which illuminate the night.  No one will ever be able to touch them.  But the men who, like the sailors on the ocean, take them for guides, will undoubtedly reach their goal. ~ Carl Shurz


I’ve noticed that, as of late, there has been a major focus on goal setting in the freelance blogs that I follow.  I sat back and realized that I was at a point where I really needed to establish some goals for myself.  Not just those up in the air, meandering thoughts that we all love to call goals and forget about two months later (My personal favourite is after Christmas when all the women on the face of the earth claim they are going to lose weight to console themselves for putting on five pounds in turkey and stuffing…I know, I’m one of them). 

I realized I needed something documented to follow.  Something that I would be more accountable for.

I’m starting small but hoping for bigger.  I think sometimes when people make goals, they overwhelm themselves with to-dos that are in no way realistic or practical.  Then give up because they didn’t reach them.  I’m a total believer in reaching past your limits, but I also think that these goals should be considered long-term ones.  Tiny short-term goals that are easily achieved with a little hard work and determination can act as better motivators.  And at least if you manage to complete most of your short-term goals, even if you don’t reach those epic ones, it won’t feel like a total loss.  You’ll just be that much more encouraged to make higher leaps next month or next year.

I will get over my fears.  I’m afraid to take the full-time leap into freelancing, despite support systems I have in place, because I am so used to my reliable if not exciting office job.  I get a steady paycheck.  All that paperwork, invoicing, and marketing is done by invisible hands that I’ll never see or touch.  And magically, at the end of the month, all that I predicted comes true…because it never changes. 

I am going to take some risks, make some sacrifices, and throw myself wholeheartedly into what I want to do and love.  No more excuses.

I’m going to market my butt off to get as much work and experience as possible.  I’ve fallen into the trap of doing a lot of researching into the business and industry and developing marketing strategies without concentrating on what I really should be doing…which is writing.  Yes, the other things are important.  But not as important as actually putting pen to paper.  If I want to write for a living, I need to actually write.  So rather than getting worried about having to know everything before inquiring about projects or sending out query letters, I’ve got to just do it.  Because the truth of the matter is, there is never a ‘perfect’ or ‘right’ time.  There is only now.

I want to make some money.  This is not a Scrooge perspective.  I’m not greedy and I don’t expect much in the beginning.  But I do want to achieve some profits.  If I plan on making a full-time living off writing, cash flow is an important motivator and gives proof that it’s do-able.  I’m not expecting $2k in one month, but even if I make $5 profit my first month, that’s an achievement to me.  That’s $5 I’ve just made doing something I love rather than a million doing something I loathe (not that I make a million now!). 

It may not be much, but I know that if I at least see I’m capable of earning money in the beginning stages, I’ll be encouraged to continue.  I’ll feel confident that $5 will eventually blossom into a better income.  I don’t care if it’s a slow climb…as long as it’s a climb and not a tumble.



  1. I did a post or two on setting goals myself. Now…to stick to them. Good luck with yours. You’ll get there if you stick with it!

  2. It’s true. You just need that first dollar to roll in so you know it’s possible. Good luck, stay steady.

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